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BiTrike is live on Kickstarter now!

You can support this project throught Kickstarter.

If you are interested in BiTrike, you can find some limited pieces for a special price exclusively in the Kickstarter campaign.


Kostas Simelidis

“BiTrike is a tricycle that behaves like a bicycle. One can feel the balance effect of a regular bicycle on it, while at the same time, it is stable like a tricycle. It can carry a load between the rear wheels and, most importantly, there are no limits terrain-wise.

It provides the opportunity of exploring new terrains and overcoming bigger hurdles with more momentum, not just to dedicated mountain bikers, but also to ordinary everyday users. Thus, people with families, nature lovers, etc. can also ride it and enjoy a smooth, unrestricted and safe experience whether in traffic or by a lake.”

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Introducing BiTrike

A Tricycle With
A Unique Suspension

Enjoy smoothness, freedom, and safety
while feeling the balance 
of a regular bike.

Technical Specifications

Built-in Drive Differential

providing better traction to both rear wheels

Shimano Altus 7 Gear System

which is durable with low maintenance costs

Fox AWL e-suv Front Suspension

dedicated for all terrain surfaces

Marzocchi Bomber CR Rear Shock Absorber

with 550 coil, provides excellent cooperation with BiTrike’s unique suspension system

Shimano Front Disk Brake

with 180 mm rotor

Shimano Rear Double Disk Brakes

with 160 mm rotors, connected to a single lever, capable to brake BiTrike, regardless of the speed or slope of the surface

Stainless Steel Tube Frame

for durability and frame stiffness

Handbrake Locking Mechanism

locks the tilting system, eliminating the need for a bike stand

Industrial Powder Coating

white matte

19’ and 21‘ Frame Sizes

(notify us for the size after the end of the campaign)

Overall Dimensions

203 cm L x 80 cm W x 110 cm H


37 kg
(including 3 kg wooden carrier &
9 kg e-bike kit)


Wooden Carrier (removable)

can carry up to 50 kg cargo.
58 cm L x 42 cm W x 30 cm H (3 kg Weight)

Mid Drive Electric Kit TSDZ2 48V 500w

with LG 48V 13 Amp/H Lithium Battery

Custom Size

based on your total height and leg height
(notify us for the measurements after the end of the campaign)

Anatomic Cork Grips & Brown Saddle

(sample image)

Brown On/Off Tyres

(sample image)


(sample image)

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